Marketing Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

So you’ve created a mobile app. It will be joining the nearly million other apps you can find on Google Play or the Apple Store. Mobile apps are a hot commodity and like with any commodity, you have over-saturation. This can be a real problem when you’re trying to make your mobile apps stand out.


This is why it’s so important for you to learn marketing techniques to do just that. The following are some tips you can use to help make your mobile app stand out and potentially earn more dowloads.


Optimize Your App

If you’re planning to upload your app to the Apple App Store, then you need to optimize your app to perform well in the search results. There are different factors that can improve the ranking of your app. For example, screenshots, ratings, app title, tags, download data and more.


Make sure you include keywords in these different areas and completely fill out your app profile, so that it has a better chance of being ranked highly. For example, if you are building a edometer app, then you should include pedometer in the app title.


Use Facebook Marketing

This is something few app marketers are doing. It’s an untapped market that can prove to be very useful for building app awareness. One way to go about this is to post updates about your upcoming app to your followers before the release.


Then once it releases, you post about the grand opening. You should also use paid posts to ensure they’re being seen by the right people.

You can use a combination of sponsored stories and page promoted posts that are shown in mobile news feeds.


Try Promoted Tweets

If your fan base is on Twitter, you can use promoted tweets to reach out to them. You can use this even if you don’t have a following on Twitter. These ads are presented to everyone within the demographics and parameters you set. You can select the budget you want, so start off small then work your way up as you see results.


Include Viral Mechanics with Your App

You’ve likely seen this done in the apps you use. For example, a window will pop up asking you to rate the app and leave a review. Or to share the app with your friends. There are share buttons placed in these apps, allowing you to quickly share the app on your news feed on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Build a Microsite and Use SEO

A lot of app marketers create microsites just for their app. This can be treated like any other website, using search engine optimization tactics to build its ranking. This can help people looking for your type of app find it easier.


You can also use paid ads to promote the microsite, allowing people to find it even when they’re on their desktop or laptop. This increases your chances of reaching a broader audience, versus focusing solely on those using a mobile device at that moment.


There are many different types of apps you can build. For instance, you can help people connect with deals on Groupon for businesses like Journeys. Whatever ideas you come up with, make sure to use these tips to help market it!

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